Our Retreats & Supper clubs 

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Our five night retreats are designed to offer a space in which you are inspired and motivated to get writing. Wether you are a budding writer for screen or an established novelist our retreats are the perfect place to progress. 

We offer yoga twice a day, talks and workshops from award winning writers and beautiful meals prepared daily.  

Everyday an optional exercise is set in the afternoon. After dinner we share what we have created. This process allows for constructive dialog around each persons writing. 


Letters From Hunts House


15th-19th October 2018

We spent a week in West Lavigton in Wiltshire.  Our guest speakers were Daisy Goodwin, creator of the series Victoria and author Allison Pearson. 


Letters From The Admirals House 


24th-29th March 2019 

Prices start from £450+VAT All incl. 


Letters From supper clubs 

Following the success of our first retreat we decided to create a super club in London. The aim of this evening is to give a taster to the retreats we run. You will get the chance to meet the organisers, Matt and Mabel,  over a delicious meal cooked by our resident chef on the retreat Buba- Quinn, each dinner will have roughly 10-15 potential retreaters in attendance.  (This also a great opportunity to network with like minded individuals)  

Guests have the opportunity to arrive at 6:30pm for light stretching and meditation before 7pm when we set the writing exercise of the evening. Attendees will have two hours to write until we eat at 9pm. We will then share (optional) our writing at the end of dinner/over dessert. The hope is that our supper club attendees will have the chance to meet the retreat team and understand the environment we hope to cultivate is one of collaboration and inspiration. We ask each guest to bring £20 to dinner to cover food and alcohol.

If you would like to register to attend please email: mabel.evans@hotmail.co.uk with 'Letters From supper clubs' as the subject. 

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