"Hunt's House was the experience I needed to re-centre and refocus after a particularly busy summer. I'm a copywriter and filmmaker by trade, and while I am in the habit of writing nearly every day, I do struggle to find time to develop my personal projects. Here, I was able press the reset button and get back on track with my own writing. The gorgeous surroundings, wonderful yoga and delicious, healthy meals really helped to promote a sense of peace and wellbeing - as did the genuine care and attentiveness from Matt, Mabel, and the whole team. From the moment I arrived, they'd thought of everything, and I really got the sense that my comfort was of the utmost importance. Added to this, the writing exercises stretched me in new ways, and the act of sharing each other's work really insightful and rewarding. Also, what a great bunch people - how lucky were we?!"

- Laura 

In an ideal setting, I couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring and supportive environment. Our two workshop leaders were extremely generous with their knowledge & answering questions. There was plenty of space to work privately and though the writing challenges were not mandatory, they were extremely engaging & a great way to start the day.The addition of a chef serving great food and yoga sessions, were a great bonus. I left feeling incredibly motivated.

- Tanisha 

I wasn't sure what to expect going on a writing retreat, but Letters From Hunts House exceeded all exceptions. The daily writing tasks were my highlight. They varied hugely from each other, and thus brought you out of your usual comfort zone, allowing you to explore different avenues of your own imagination and producing genres of work you otherwise might not have ventured down. I found them all hugely exciting to undertake. It was a fulfilling, perfectly challenging but also beautifully relaxing experience, and one I hope to be able to do again soon! 

- Angharad

I found the retreat to be invaluable for intention setting, and allowing me to have single focus on one of the fiction projects I had not yet made the space for in everyday life. Using this space and structured, guided days to focus on writing and planning a bigger project has enabled me to continue to make space to write in my daily life. An area of my work that otherwise may have endured a long and difficult labour was expertly guided into life.

- Susanna 

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